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Vaginal Boils – Troubling Skin Complication Experienced by Females

Many women experience vaginal boils at one point or another throughout their lifetime. These are often referred to by medical professionals as “Vaginal Skin Abscesses”. The boil that develops in the vaginal region is a type of mass that is considered to be tender to the touch. It may be small, medium or large. The boil is surrounded by an area of skin that reflects a certain type of coloring. Most often, the colored region is pink, dark red or bluish. Vaginal boils may be darker or lighter depending on the sufferer’s skin tone and ethnicity. Most vaginal boils include a distinct center region that is characterized as being pus-filled and painful. Throughout this health guide, you will learn many interesting and relevant facts associated with vaginal boils.

Vaginal Boils Causes

There are many reasons why a boil may develop in and/or around the vaginal region of a female’s body. In many instances, the skin abscess is a direct result of an obstruction that is located within the glands that produce oil and sweat. However, many patients experience this issue because of an inflammation that is occurring in and/or around the hair follicles of the pubic region. Then, there are cases where vaginal boils develop as a result of small breaks or punctures of the skin that surrounds the vagina. When there is an opening in the skin, germs have the ability to invade the opening. The body’s natural reaction is inflammatory in nature. This reaction occurs in order to attack the germs that have invaded the region. As a result, a boil forms.

Basic Characteristics and Symptoms

Vaginal boils are identified by an assortment of basic characteristics and symptoms. The middle of the infected region typically swells and liquefies. The liquid like substance that is often observed in the mid-region of the abscess typically includes a large amount of dead cells, white blood cells, various types of bacteria and other types of debris. As time progresses, vaginal boils will commonly increase in size, which creates a type of skin tension. The tissues that surround the boil also increase the amount of inflammation that occurs in and around the vaginal abscess. This creates a large amount of pressure, which could prove to be highly painful. The boil may then become discolored and may feel warm to the touch. Many patients claim that the area becomes extremely tender and uncomfortable.

Medical Complications

Vaginal boils may result in many complications. Many patients may experience an overwhelming amount of pain and general discomfort. In addition to this, the infection that is occurring within the boil has the capability of spreading into nearby tissues. When the infection is at a highly severe level, it could be transmitted into the blood stream. If you find that the boil increases drastically in size, you start to experience a fever and a general feeling of malaise or observe a streak of red going from the abscess to another part of the body, you should seek medical treatment. When visiting a doctor for a painful and potentially serious boil, you will likely find that the professional wants to drain it. While there is no cure for vaginal boils, they may be eliminated through the use of antibiotics and a procedure referred to as an “Incision and Drainage” or “I&D”. If you feel that you are suffering from vaginal boils, you should learn as much as you can about the condition so that you may quickly resolve the issue.

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Vaginal Boils – Troubling Skin Complication Experienced by Females, 6.4 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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